First Poem


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I’ve been invited to a Poetry Reading event. I’ve never written a poem. Thought Id see what came to mind should I be tempted to read a piece:


Really, what’s so special?
I’ m a writer, well I pretend to be,
Like so many other pretenders.

It’s about rhyme and rhythms.
Grade 7 , Lady of Shallot and Moonlit Apples by John Drinkwater,
Recited by 40 squeaky voiced girls,
Like little parrots.

Profound thoughts in shorthand?
Is that it?
Or can I just let the words flow?
Like I do when writing.

Is it written when you can’t complete a sentence
or understand verbs or adverbial adjuncts?
Is it for those with loftier thoughts?
Like this gathered throng?

I’m getting the hang of this.
Enjoying the words on the page
The rush of thoughts feels quite exhilarating,
Like opening a new door.